Countries in situation of conflict and fragility


Ensure that Effective Development Cooperation approaches deliver peace and security for people in situations of conflict and fragility.

What we want to achieve

Inclusive, accountable partnerships using HRBA (human rights based-approach) to development in dealing with situations of conflict and states in post- conflict and fragile situations.

Foreign and security policies more aligned to development cooperation and human rights principles and commitments.

Development effectiveness principles are applied or referred to effectiveness in fragile, conflict affected states, situations of marginalisation of people.


Participation, and articulation of principles of effective development cooperation and human rights principles in target arenas.

Civil society stakeholders from these settings participate fairly and equitably in securing effective development cooperation.

Target Arenas

Global, regional and domestic inter-governmental human rights & peace / state-building mechanisms; National human rights institutions and legislative bodies; CSO, national movements, and affected communities; Mainstream and social media.


Key Messages

Uphold principles of human rights and international humanitarian laws.

Inclusion and participation of social or mass movements, people’s organizations and communities, civil society in peace-building processes.

States should reduce and realign militarism and military spending to support basic and fundamental human rights such as on health, education, and housing.


Other Actors and Alliances/ Partnership Plan

International and national NGOs, ‘peace- building’ platforms and human rights formations, particularly the Civil Society Platform for Peace building and State building (part of the International Dialogue for Peace- building and State-building); Regional and national human rights institutions; UN and other intergovernmental human rights mechanisms; Donors private sector that support CSO; Religious groups and diaspora.


August 4, 2020

In this video, the five Co-Chairs of our global civil society platform - Marita Gonzalez, Justin Kilcullen, Beverly Longid, Richard Ssewakiryanga, and Monica Novillo - sound the alarm that the world is off-track in achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), wh...

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