Private Sector Accountability


Ensure business accountability in the context of development cooperation programmes, to guarantee positive and significant development results

What we want to achieve

Elaboration of criteria to assess the interventions of the private sector in development cooperation at the country level, in order to evaluate their compliance with development effectiveness principles



Development of CSO indicators to assess the adequacy of effective development cooperation principles of targeted private sector interventions in developing countries


Target Arenas

Multinational and Social Businesses, Development banks, FFD, HLPF, DCF, GPEDC


Key Messages

Private sector interventions, particularly Multinational businesses, must be held to account. Governments must set standards for aid effectiveness, measuring impacts and results of private sector intervention in development cooperation.


The involvement of private sector in development cooperation should be matched in the same proportion by the involvement of civil society and trade unions.


ODA should be solidarity-based and focused on the poor and the vulnerable. Often private sector interventions result in increased indebtedness of developing countries, and partial privatisation of basic public services and common goods.


Governments must support SMEs and the social economy, and must and promote sustainable and decent work.



Other Actors and Alliances/ Partnership Plan

Civil society organisations, including CSO communities at FFD, HLPF/DCF, Media


The European Union just published a new report on development cooperation: Does the EU deliver? provides a detailed analysis of the EU institutions’ and Member States’ performance in the implementation of the effectiveness principles as agreed by the international comm...

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